Jupu is the name of the main character in the story Jupu the Puffin: A Usonian Story.  Usonian, in short is a term used to describe "citizens of the United States of America".  Jupu is from coastal Maine, USA.  A little anecdote is that author Miguel Torres-Castro came up with the name "Jupu" to keep it short and simple for young readers to always remember; (named after his son (JU)lian and the type of bird he is; the Atlantic (PU)ffin). Scientific Name is: (Fratercula arctica)    

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The term "Usonian" is introduced in this book to young readers.  It is also featured on Wikipedia. Click the button below:


Jupu the Puffin: A Usonian Story

Jupu Press
ISBN-13: 978-0615940731
ISBN-10: 0615940730



​This story tells the adventure of a small puffin bird named Jupu whom leaves his home of Maine, USA and travels all over the Western Hemisphere exploring new foods, lands, and meeting new friends.


The story teaches readers, young and old the importance of travel and embracing diversity and all the world has to offer.  It's about thinking of and experiencing a global point of view.


JUPU THE PUFFIN: A USONIAN STORY is the beginning of a series of children's books that will eventually be translated into several languages including Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian.


The message that Jupu sends is simple: "Live life to the fullest and swim and fly as if the whole world is your lake and your sky."

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