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"Wonderfully written story that takes you on a colorful geographical journey. Each page is filled with such descriptive writing that it not only makes for a great read but allows the reader to experience each state, island, and country that Jupu the Puffin visits. My children absolutely enjoyed reading this book!"

     - Jen (Brooklyn, New York)


"I have collected children's books for years (I am now in my 60's) and I always look for a great story and also lovely illustrations and Miguel's book fits the bill. A great story anyone can appreciate and creative artwork. Hope to see more from this author and artist. Thanks Miguel."

     - Kathleen (Deposit, New York)


"I originally purchased this book for a friend who is having a baby. I wanted to give her something to read her baby at bedtime. After I received the book in the mail I read through it. Then I read through it again. Jupu the Puffin instantly became my go to book for baby gifty giving, and to take with me when babysitting and trying to keep children engaged. What a wonderful experience Jupu has traveling to different countries, making friends, and experiencing different cultures. The bright, colorful and engaging pictures are sure to please.You will enjoy sharing the world with your children with help from Jupu. I now have to purchase another book for myself."

     - Angela (Queens, New York)


"What a clever story! Jupu travels the Americas, North and South, learning about new lands and birds. Highlights Caribbean countries and their national birds. Warm pictures bring the charming story to life. It will lead your child to wonder and want to travel. Great for little kids for the pictures and older ones will be engaged to learn more about the places that Jupu travels to."

     - MSA (Brooklyn, New York)


"It is a fascinating story of a Puffin who travels the world. What a marvelous way to teach geography. I also love the illustrations. It is a wonderful way to illustrate the countries and their culture around the world."

     - King's Kid (Amazon Review)


"What a great book for kids and adults alike that love to travel or haven't traveled enough and are interested. Jupu takes us on a journey of finding ourselves and exploring the world while remembering that home is always where the heart is. When we read great books, we are transported to a different place and time where ones imagination and childish desires take precedent. The story of Jupu and his adventures did just that for me. Would definitely recommend this book to others interested in a rhyming children's book with a bit of history woven in."

     - Jerry (New York, NY)




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