Jupu the Puffin:

A Usonian Story

By: Miguel Torres-Castro

Illustrated by: Jess Yeomans

Jupu the Puffin is the story of a curious and adventurous bird that flies and swims all over the western hemisphere.  Throughout his journey he meets other birds, eats exotic fruits, and learns about different cultures in the Americas.  This tale of adventure and exploration is sure to win the hearts of parents and children that love to read and travel!

Miguel Torres-Castro writes and Jess Yeomans illustrates this vivid children's geography book set in the Americas.

This is Miguel's first children's book. 

All orders via PayPal will be autographed by the author and dedicated to a child upon request.  Special discount on multiple copies.  For bulk and group orders, please contact author.


"It's never too late to learn something you are destined to know".


                                           -Miguel Torres-Castro  

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